I was constantly worrying now for the past few days because the only money making site that I registered that actually gives me enough tasks to do, suddenly stopped giving me assignments. I don’t know why it happened because before, I always receive like 2 to 3 tasks a day so I am not used to not do any tasks from them. I already e-mailed them, sent them a message on their site but it seems that they don’t read any of my queries.

So I am really down nowadays thinking what else would I have to do to earn some extra cash. I signed up with other blog advertising sites but none of them gives me tasks to do. I hope it’s all just temporary. Anyway, just when I thought that all’s not well for me which makes me really sad, I saw this phrase at the back of the bus earlier this morning and it read “God Is Good”. And it makes me think that I just have to thank God for the blessings that he gives me eventhough not all of the things I want happens. God knows what’s in store for me, so I just have to believe in his plans and in God’s time I know I will bounce back and all will be alright.

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