Contributed by Milford Woods

Today is the day I am going to take my one year old daughter to see Santa for the first time. Although she may not realize who Santa is exactly, it is a great tradition to start. The Santa visits start at noon, so we will leave our home close to 11:00, maybe earlier. Before I leave i will set my home security alarm with ADT SECURITY monitoring, because last time I left home there was a break in. When we reach Santa's workshop I want to bring my daughter up close to the stuffed reindeers and small elves. Kaylee is not going to know what to think, but I think she will enjoy all the costumes and friendly voices. The people who play the roles of Santa and the elves are amazing with children and know how to quickly put a smile on their little faces. Last year I watched my youngest nephew get on Santa's lap and start crying. After a tear was shed, Santa whispered something in his ear and he was smiling once again. I was so impressed that I knew I had to bring Kaylee there as soon as she arrived. So here I am, ready to bring her for her first visit!

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