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Hailed as the best educational children's program since the beloved Arthur, Martha Speaks both entertains and teaches children vocabulary using humor and lovable characters.

Martha speaks is based on the children's book by the same name. Written by Susan Meddaugh, the concept of the book is that Martha ate some alphabet soup fed to her by her 10 years old owner Helen Lorraine. Rather than the letters traveling to Martha's stomach, they wound up in her brain. This resulted in Martha being able to speak.

Young viewers of the show learn vocabulary and synonyms based on key words for that episode. Martha speaks animal languages as well, except for monkey and languages of other exotic animals. Martha is surrounded by an array of quirky animal friends such as Kitten, Professor Monkey, Francois, and Courage Collie Carlo. Among Martha's human friends are T.D., Alice, and Helen's baby brother "Jakey". Martha enjoys teaching the adorable Jakey to talk.

The cast of the show is original and interesting. Each have their own unique quirks and apprehensions. The show uses personalities and fears to introduce new vocabulary to its' young audience. For example Martha's crush, the heroic Courage Collie Carlo has anthophobia, which we learn is a fear of flowers.

Currently airing daily on PBS (available on satellite TV from, Martha Speaks is a joy for children and adults alike!

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