Lately I've been worrying a lot because I've been getting less and less tasks over the week so I began to think what could be the problem that it just suddenly stopped. I took a hard look on my blog and I just thought that maybe I need to change a little about my overall appearance and content. I also noticed before that on some of the tasks that advertisers require, they want a blog that has its own domain and not hosted by free blog publishing sites.

I hope there’s more waiting for me by blogging and I continue writing here to improve my page rank and hopefully get more of advertisers attention. So my future plan is to have my own domain by getting a webhosting provider and overhaul my blog to make it look more professional because it can really make a difference earning wise as compared to getting a free blog publishing service. But before that, I might as well think of a catchy domain name that I'm going to use that's not too simple but not complicated as well. I really hope it's gonna happen this year because I really want to earn more from blogging, get more online work and most importantly because I do enjoy blogging a lot!

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