Thank God our much awaited summer outing was already finished! We’ve enjoyed every minute of it especially Hannah who soaked her little body on every part of the beach. This was also the first time that Hannah went on a beach so I took pictures a lot so I could make a photobook of it in the future.

We stayed at JohnDel Resort at Nasugbu Batangas. I really didn’t know how much is the entrance fee and the accommodations coz it was my co-workers who took care of it. We just paid P500 each and showed up and that was it. There was all night singing courtesy of the very popular videoke, games and we also went on a boat going to “White Sand”(rent of the boat is P1500 rountrip for 15 persons and you just have to tell the boatman the time to pick you up) which by the way is not that white at all and the sand is not that fine. So don’t expect a Boracay like beach when you decide to go there. But the beach is way better than the ones at JohnDel Resort. Hannah can’t even swim there because of the yucky factor, but on “White Sand” she enjoyed it so much and me too!

At last, Hannah get to spend her summer on a beach which was my plan for the longest time. I hope it was not the last coz I still want her to go to Boracay with me in the future if if have the budget already 

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