Our department will be having a summer outing next Saturday and I plan to bring Hannah so she could enjoy the pool as well as the beach. There are various summer activities I’ve been planning for me and Hannah but I just couldn’t make time for it due to work related issues. I wish I’d be able to enjoy some extra curricular activities and travel like this guy, because let’s face it too much work can be stressful especially if you work 5 times a week! Wow, I really need some time off to just enjoy nature, my kid without worrying too much about work.

So it’s been such a relief when we went to Baguio City last Holy Week with my sister and the kids. We really enjoyed our 3 day stay so much that we’ve been planning ahead of time to spend our holiday vacation there again! Travelling is one of my greatest passion so it makes me all excited when there’s planning and travel that I really can’t wait to make it happen! Our Baguio Trip was truly memorable and I wish me and my family could be able to do this annually.

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