My Aunt Cleo whose been working in the US as a caregiver for three years already called me up to inform that she already received the scrubs that I bought for her about a month ago. She said that she loved the color and the design that I picked for her. I bought two womens scrub at the department store, a plain one with a pink color and another with a girly print which I thought will look lovely on her. And I was right! She absolutely adored it!

Before I went to buy her scrubs, my aunt told me to check so I could have an idea what does scrubs look like and what particular design will look good on her. Will all those cute and beautiful scrubs I saw, I had a clear idea what she might like so in the end I didn’t had a hard time picking scrubs that she would wear. She now told me that she plans to buy more colorful scrubs in the future since she knows it really looks good on her.

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