Last Saturday, we checked-in at Joya Lofts and Towers at Rockwell to celebrate Adriel’s belated 5th Birthday. We were accommodated on a 1 Bedroom Executive with a living room with beautiful interiors; fully-equipped kitchen and also a balcony where the view boasts of the tall buildings surrounding the Makati area. We really liked the place because it has so much space(60sqm), good for family or friends. The Powerplant Mall was also just right in front of Joya, you just have to walk not very far to go to the mall if you want to relax, go shopping or eat out.

I bought an angry birds cake at Conching Sabale’s before we went there and I’m really glad that Adriel liked it a lot. Before we sang Adriel the customary Happy Birthday, we went to sample their swimming pool located at the 7th floor. There was 1 kiddie pool, a larger one for the adults and also 1 medium pool located at the back. All of us didn’t had the proper swimming attire when we got there, only the kids so what my companions did was strip on their underwears(ha ha) so that they would be allowed to swim! Niknok and I were the only ones who did not swam. We all had a great time there though the security guy kept on looking at us and checking us out because we tend to create some noise.

We also went at Powerplant Mall come evening time for some grocery shopping coz we run out of rice and drinking water. We went grocery shopping at Rustan’s to buy those that we need and also Tanduay Ice for us! We just bought one bottle for each and we drank it later that time. I think we slept at around 12 midnight after watching PBB.

The following day, the kids used the pool once again. We just let them be since it wasn’t everyday that they go swim on the pool. We finally checked out at 12nn with all of us having a smile on our faces, all happy how our weekend getaway went.

Yesterday evening we were able to use the voucher that my sister purchased September of last year from Sun Cruises through Pakyaw deal. The deal was a 66% off on a Manila Bay Cruise valid for 1 and half hour cruise with set dinner onboard M/V Spirit of Manila. From the regular P550 she only paid P188 each. She purchased 2 vouchers and the other voucher was for me. We took our 2 daughters with us(Hannah and Dana) and the kids are still free since we declared them as 2 year olds :) If you have more than a 2 year old kid, I think you have to pay already the regular price of P550.

We got to the docking area(behind Folk Arts Theater) at around 4:45PM so we waited till the registration started at 5:15PM. Once on the registration, we were told that the seats available for us were only on the lower deck, I thought maybe it was on a first to reserve, first to get to the upper deck kinda basis. After the registration, we waited to board for the 6:15PM-7:30PM schedule that we chose. During that time that we waited, Hannah and Dana are already so naughty, running around the waiting area and impatiently asking when will we board the cruise. After awhile, it was already 6:15PM so we were already told that boarding is now open. So we lined up and entered M/V Spirit of Manila.

My sister and I noticed that all those on the upper deck has a sticker on their chest while we, on the lower deck, has none. Apparently, the once on the upper deck paid the regular price of P550, while all those on the lower deck availed the Pakyaw deal and all the other deals from other sites. So that explains who gets to the upper and lower deck… hmm.We’re not complaining though since we’re on the airconditioned room while they’re on an open air area. Anyway, our set dinner included a sweet and sour fish, beef teriyaki(I think, not sure), 3 small cuts of potato and for dessert we had buko pandan. The dinner was ok, nothing spectacular, just enough to feed a hungry stomach, anyway I didn’t get the chance to eat the dessert since Hannah chowed it up to the last bite..haha! I was thinking, maybe it tasted so good!

After our dinner, we got out of the airconditioned room to enjoy the scene outside. It was chilly when we got out and there were already a couple of people outside also admiring the view from the sea such as the towering buildings from afar and also SM Mall of Asia. After some picture taking we got up and saw what it’s like on the upper deck. Well there was a band playing and it has more space than the lower deck. I can’t help but think maybe their food was also different from us, just thought so. Anyway, while outside, there were parts of the ship that we can’t go through so basically we just stayed in front of the lower and upper deck. After 45 minutes on the cruise you just wanna go out and leave since there’s nothing much to do anymore.

All in all, we did enjoy the Manila Bay Cruise. I wouldn’t mind going again this time with the sun still out. I just thought to try maybe the Prestige Cruises next time since they have a Cruise only rate of P250 and a Cruise with set dinner for only P450, much lower than Sun Cruises. Well, I am going to think about it for the upcoming Pyromusical Competition since I thought it would be nice to see all those beautiful fireworks onboard a cruise.

So the celebration of the Chinese New Year already started with lots of festivities on the different parts of the country. Since last Sunday, I already planned on watching the Lunar New Year Festival at Resorts World Manila like the Chinese Cultural Exhibition at 3PM but since we won’t be using a car and had to travel by public transportation, I nixed the plan because I can’t stand the heat that afternoon and I don’t wanna carry Hannah all the way from Cavite to Resorts World on a public transpo.

So anyway, just when I thought we won’t get to see any Chinese New Year festivities, luckily we were able to catch the Dragon Dance Parade at SM MOA yesterday afternoon. We went at SM MOA to drop Adriel and Len coz they won’t be joining us at Manila Bay Cruise that we’ve reserved later that afternoon. We noticed that there are throngs of people lining up on the middle part of the mall, so I thought maybe they’re waiting for the dance parade. And I was right! I few minutes later, we already heard drums beating and a group of people on poles, inside the image of the colorful dragon dancing. I immediately took a couple of pictures to capture the moment. Later, they were also outside the mall joined by a few smaller dragons dancing. After 10 minutes or so, the parade was over and I was really glad we were able to witness it as the kids really enjoyed the dance parade. Here are some of our pics:

Hello bloggers out there! I really missed blogging a lot! I’m sure you’ve wondered why I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. You see a LOT has happened and I really got busy with work and family that blogging took a back seat for awhile but I really do hope that I’ll get to update as often as before.

Anyway, it’s already 2012, a new year and hopefully this year would be a better year than last year. I must admit that last year wasn’t a really good year for me so I ‘m looking forward to 2012 with a more positive attitude since this coming school year my Hannah will go to school for the first time! Yey! I am so excited! I’ve already checked a lot of preschools here in our neighborhood and I hope the school that I would choose would bring out the best on my daughter socially and academically . By the way, I enrolled Hannah about 3 months ago on a ballet class and her class was finished after 2 months so I am planning to re-enroll her again this summer so she could enjoy her summer before she starts schooling.

With regards to me, sadly my plan on enrolling again to continue my studies was not pushed through due to problems encountered on the school we’re supposed to enroll at. I am just sad that they did not treated us as professionals that they supposedly are. We did not got any feedback from them regarding the assessment that they’ll give after sending all those requirements that they asked from us! Anyway, my dream of going back to school were not through yet, I have still plans although I really don’t know when will I be able to get it done.

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