I am thinking what resort has a nice and quiet beach with a not so dark sand that Hannah and I could go to this summer. Last year we went to John Del Resort at Nasugbu Batangas and Hannah enjoyed every minute of it! I thought that Hannah must have loved the beach so much so I would love for her to experience again playing in the sand and swimming on a clear water on a beach. But hey don’t get me wrong, John Del doesn’t have a clear water on their shoreline, we instead rented a motored banca to go to a nearby resort with a clean water and whiter sand(although not as white as the Boracay sand).
I hope we could be able to do that this summer because Hannah’s so excited to go to the beach. Anyway, we’ll be going somewhere(OTC trip) this 3rd week of April so I hope we could sample some beach there. Every summer it was not me that I’m looking forward to enjoy it, but my daughter. She’ll be going to school this coming school year so I hope before she starts schooling, she’ll have a very happy and memorable summer!

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