Last Holy Thursday, we went at Ka Lolit's Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. We left our house at exactly 5:45AM but since we got lost along the way(I think we got lost somewhere at Ibaan town), we got to Laiya, San Juan at already 9AM! I thought when we got to the municipal hall of San Juan and turned right, the beach would be just a few minutes from the town, but I was wrong! We spent another 45 minutes finding Virgin Beach Resort, which was our original plan. However, when we got to the gate, the guard told us that they were fully booked since 3AM! We just asked the guard what would resort would he suggest and he then told us to go to Ka Lolit's which was about 1-2minutes from Virgin Resort. I don't know why he suggested the place, maybe bacause it's just near Virgin or maybe they were sister resorts?

Anyway, we got to Ka Lolit's and we were underwhelmed by the resort, besides the cottages made of bamboo, some rooms for bigger groups, the comfort/shower rooms were dirty and in a poor state. I really believe the management needs a major renovation of the comfort/shower rooms. But...

The beach itself was very beautiful! Compared to the Nasugbu beach that we went(Johndel Resort), this was waay better! The water's clean and clear, sand is off white, you won't get the yacky feeling of stepping barefoot, though you have to wear slippers coz it's extremely hot!

The kids really enjoyed frolicking on the sun and beach, I myself enjoyed a lot! I would want to go back there, not on a summer next time, maybe during the offpeak season so the weather wouldn't be as hot. Try the other beach resorts around San Juan, I believe this resorts are better than Ka Lolit's.

Entrance was P200 per person, children were free(our kids are 3,4 & 5 yrs old) and this including the cottage! We were counted as 7 adults so we only paid P1400 all in! The parking though was P150 for the duration of our stay(day tour).

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