We went on an overnight swimming trip at Keni Po, Tagaytay City last Wednesday together with the whole family. We originally wanted to do it on a weekend but Keni Po's rooms were all fully booked already. We called them last weekend and inquired about a family room and they suggested the Villa where the room accomodates 6 persons for P3500. Excess person's charge is P200 without matress, extra matress costs P100. The Villa's amenities were bathroom with hot/cold water, aircon room, an attic, sala, dining table, kitchen with ref, stove and utensils and 3 TV's with cable. We thought it sounded good so we already reserved for it without even sending a down payment!

Come Wednesday, my companions already prepared to go at Keni Po(I was about to follow them in the evening after I finished work). Upon arriving they were greeted by a good news that Keni Po management decided that for P3500 they will already increase the number of persons included from 6 to 8! Wow, that's really a terrific news! Now we only have to pay for the 3 extra persons on our group. My sister also said that the staff were very friendly and acommodating. They really felt they were welcome. I too felt that when I arrived. Whenever I saw a staff they greeted me with all smiles, you won't saw anyone from them with a frown face.

The only thing I did not like on our room was the TV's position in the attic. The cables were not secured properly and the outlet's plug was far, the children kept on hopping over that we constantly reminded them not to play on that area. The stairs were also kinda steep, not really for children who wish to go up and down coz they might trip over.

With regards to the swimming pool , I wish there were a small pool for the children coz they really cannot swim or play on the pool. The swimming pool's deep was only 4-6ft so children would really need a water float or else they would have to sit only on the sides with of course an adult supervision.

Try spending a quiet weekend at Keni Po, there are also rooms for smaller groups and rates are really cheap there!

 Here's their website: Keni Po Rooms

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