Last Monday(June 13, 2012), Hannah started her first day of school as a Nursery student. I was so excited for her that I was the one who sent and pick her up from school regardless that I was to work that day. I just came late from work but before that I was able to inform my supervisor that I am in fact sending my daughter to school.

I also packed her cookies that I made the day before and prepared her bag and lunch bag to be brought to school. Her schedule is a 2 –hour class everyday from Monday-Friday just enough time for a first time student. See how cute she was on her first day of school with her matching lady bug umbrella and bag :)

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    Bechay said...

    Wow, magiging busy Mom ka na lalo sis dahil may estudyate ka na but it's gonna be exciting! Good luck to you and to your precious daughter!

  1. ... on June 19, 2012 at 3:10 AM  
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