Hey bloggers, how are you? I missed posting on my blog here. I just got so busy updating my other blog which is about baking that I nearly forgot about my first blog which is this one.

A lot has happened since the last time I posted here. Went to a lot of places but I am so lazy to update here. If you want to check out the places I've been to, you can click My Travel Adventures and let me know what you think.

Well well, it's the time of the year that I'm most excited about, with all the holiday shopping and preparations that comes with it. Especially now that I'm into baking, I am so excited to bake maybe Christmas cupcakes or cookies in the shape of christmas trees, candy canes and gingerbread boy, that would be so awesome!

I am planning to go to Divisoria before November ends for my holiday shopping. I need to be practical and spend much less than I did before coz I have a budget that I need to STRICTLY follow. Besides, I will also shop for my baking needs at Divisoria coz it's much cheaper there.

I would be also very busy this December coz I plan to sell my baked goodies(at last!) to my co-workers or neighbors. I also plan to give free tastes as christmas gifts for my friends/co-workers so in that way they could probably transfer through word of mouth about my baked goodies for sale :)

So there, my holiday plans excluding places I want to go to with my daughter. I'll probably post about that if we already have concrete plans on where to go this holiday season! Ciao!

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